We are passionate about giving our clients an amazing experience throughout their photographic journey. Our aim is that you will end the process with some amazing images adorning the walls of your home that will reflect love you have for your pet, but also remind you of the incredible experience that you shared with us and with each other throughout the photographic process.  


In order to promote trust with our clients, we work with a strict No Obligation or Pressure Sales policy.

The time dedicated to each photography session is much greater than one would initially imagine. When we add the time taken for the pre-shoot consultation, telephone and email communications, the photography session itself, post-shoot editing of images and your Personal Viewing and Ordering Session, the hours quickly run into days. This is why we charge a Session Fee

However, by keeping the Session Fee separate, it ensures that you pay only for the service you receive.

Once you have paid for your photography session, you are under no obligation to make any further purchase, allowing you to choose any prints to order based on your requirements and budget without any pressure from us. 



Our individual session fee is £149. This covers your pre-shoot consultation, the photography session itself and your personal viewing and ordering session.

The session fee does not include any images or products. These are purchased separately at your pre-shoot viewing and design session.



After your shoot, you’ll be treated to an in-person viewing and design session where you will get to see and choose your favourite images. If you’re like most of our clients, you probably want something beautiful to display in your home. I know it can be hard to envisage what you can do with your photographs. That’s why I show we show you exactly what they could look like on your walls. You’ll be blown away with what we can create together. But don’t worry, you’ll not be subjected to any sleazy sales pitch or put under any pressure to purchase something you don’t want or need. And did we mention that there will be coffee and cake to aid the creative process?



We know that you will be keen to understand exactly what you can create for your investment. During your consultation we will discuss our products and their costs. We’ll also send you our Welcome guide PDF which includes a guide to our products along with some images to help you visualise them in your home.

To give you an idea of total costs, our clients usually invest from £678 to upwards of £2,000 on their Pawtrait photography


You can book your pawtrait session or arrange a free discovery call using the form below. Simply choose a date that works for you and follow the on-screen instructions.

Groups of 2 or more pets can be photographed at our studio. Prices are based on group size, so please contact us for a quotation.


Use the form below to enquire about our rates or to ask any questions you may have regarding our pet portrait sessions.