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Business headshot

You only get one chance to make a first impression

Often people’s first encounter with you is when they view your profile online (and specifically, your headshot).

Does your current profile image make you stand out as professional, confident & approachable? If not, you could be turning potential customers away without even realising it.

A Great Headshot Makes You Look :


A good headshot makes you look credible and professional, encouraging people to trust you to do a great job.


We are all attracted to confident people. A great headshot will make you stand out from the crowd when people search for your services


A great headshot will make people want to work with you. Looking approachable is key to gaining new clients


It’s rare to meet someone who actually enjoys having their photo taken. In everyday life we let our subconscious mind take care of our expression, but being in front of a camera tends to make us feel super-conscious about how we look, causing us to look unnatural and awkward.


The art of getting an amazing headshot is expression, and that’s where we can help. In each of our headshot sessions we coach clients to get amazing, natural results by helping them to feel comfortable and confident in front of the camera.


Sessions have no time limit, so the pressure is off. We can take our time to get the exact shots that you need to look amazing in your images. Our headshots are for professionals, business owners and industry leaders who want to present the very best version of themselves online and in their marketing materials.


So don’t let fear hold you back. Make an investment in yourself and your career. Book your headshot session today. Let us help you stand out from the crowd and make some amazing new connections.


John Griffiths

Property investor

“As soon as I saw the first photo my hesitation disappeared! I could see quite clearly the quality, benefits, and wow factor to Jon’s headshots.”

Kathryn Wiley

Utilities Broker

“I Highly recommend Jon. He put me fully at ease and got some great shots of a usually un-photogenic person!”

Stephen Harban-Bullock

Graphic Designer

“I don’t enjoy having my photo taken, but Jon put me at ease. I really enjoyed my session and got some great images that will work well for me and my business.”