So who is Jon Mills?

Jon is a professional photographer with a passion for capturing amazing images of gorgeous animals (and occasionally their humans). He also hates writing in third-person, so he’ll stop now…

Ever since I purchased my first ‘Konika POP’ camera, aged 7, I have rarely been seen without a camera in my hands. I’m convinced that every photo tells a unique story and as a huge animal lover I’m aware that our pets get to share our lives for a limited time, and capturing their personality in images that will remain forever is such a beautiful thing.

Do you just photograph dogs?

Simply put, no. It’s true that the vast majority of the pets that come to my studio are dogs. We are a nation of dog lovers and we love to show them off, not just in-person, but on our phones, our walls, in fact everywhere we can. Less people seem keen to get professional photographs of their cat, goldfish or hedgehog, but that doesn’t mean it can’t happen. As a general rule, if it’s got a face, it deserves some great photos and I love to help people achieve those perfect images, whatever breed or species.

I love the photographic process and am a self confessed gear-junkie, I totally understand how to get amazing, consistent lighting and exposure every time, which means that during my sessions I can focus completely on your pet.

So what makes me different from every other photographer?

Of course my aim is to deliver a range of exceptional images for every client, but my passion lies in providing an amazing and memorable experience for YOU throughout the creative process. I take time to get to know your pet and get them used to the studio and lighting. I won’t start shooting until I’m sure they are relaxed and comfortable with the process. My aim is to deliver an enjoyable experience as we create beautiful images that capture your pet’s unique personality and achieve genuine images that show off their uniqueness.

Learning the art of photography before the digital era, I’m also passionate about print!! I believe images of the people and animals that we love should be displayed as features in our homes, not hidden away on our phones. That’s why all of the images that I produce are designed for printing as fine-art heirloom pieces for the home rather than digitals. We can chat more about that at your consultation.

Other, less interesting stuff about me…

In case it matters to you, when I’m not taking photos I’m also a keen cyclist, surfer and always looking out for the next adventure. (but I’ll tell you more during our session).