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Cherished images that will last a lifetime

If you’re looking for captivating imagery of your beloved pet, you’ve come to the right place

Let’s face it, trying to get a good photo of animals is difficult to say the least. And most people don’t look great in their own photos either.

The team at A1 Pawtraits aren’t just specialists in portraiture. We are “people” people, with a track record for helping people to look AMAZING in their images. We’re also “pet” people, who love nothing more than capturing images of that special bond between pets and their families.

Why not let our team help you to get the imagery you’ve dreamed of to proudly display as wall art in your home, or as an amazing gift for a family member.


Our studio is designed to be pet friendly and uses lighting that will help us achieve amazing images every time without causing undue stress to your pet (or to you as an owner).


Our team are expert headshot photographers. We can take the awkwardness out of your shoot and help you to look amazing, so RELAX!!


No one likes to see an image of a nervous pet. Our team are trained in dog behaviour, enabling us to work with you and your pet to make sessions fun and enjoyable taking all the time we need to ensure your dog is completely comfortable in the studio before a camera even appears.


Sessions have no time limit, so the pressure is off. We allow plenty of time to help each pet explore the studio and equipment before we even produce a camera. This ensures that they are totally at ease and will enjoy their experience. We will also take our time when shooting to get the exact shots that you are hoping for.


Here at A1 Pawtraits we are passionate about seeing amazing imagery standing proud in people’s homes rather than only being viewed on a screen. Our images can be purchased as canvas prints, on aluminium board or as high gloss acrylic images for amazing eye-catching results, with sizes from 12″x8″ up to 48″x32″.

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